New Zealand Accounting and Tax Services

For New Zealand and Accounting firms

The capability of accurate and timely financial information is the key to the successful performance of every business.

Our team of accountants and bookkeepers can assist you in any way you require. Our accounting outsourcing service covers all stages of the accounting process, from recording financial transactions in the books of business to classifying them into meaningful and orderly categories, summarize accounting data into useful reports, and interpreting financial data to aid decision-making.

End to End Outsourced Accounting Services for New Zealand Businesses

Our bookkeeping team has more than ten years of expertise working with NZ accounting businesses to provide bookkeeping services. We’ve collaborated with a number of accounting firms.

Our bookkeepers are all certified bookkeepers and Xero and QB/QBO Certified ProAdvisors, and they are backed up by a team of managers and directors to ensure that no issue or question goes unanswered.

Services for preparing tax returns

VUASP Global Solutions, tax professionals have extensive experience in a wide range of sectors and personal situations, and they are able to apply their knowledge to provide effective tax solutions for our clients. Our tax professionals are always up to date on the newest tax announcements and have the resources to ensure that every situation is optimized to meet our clients’ long-term objectives.


We look after:

  • IR3 – Individual tax return
  • IR4 – Income tax return: Companies
  • IR6 – Income tax return: Estate or trust
  • IR7 – Income tax return: Partnerships and LTCs
  • IR8J – Māori authority credit account return
  • IR9 – Income tax return: Clubs or societies
  • IR526 – Tax credit claim form

we utilize the following software:

  • Xero
  • Myob
  • AO
  • APS Reckon
  • Accredo
  • Figured
  • Banklink
  • CCH ifirm

Accounting Outsourcing Process

Setting Up A System

Design a system for sending data, assign timelines to different tasks, and allow them to approve.

Sharing of Data

Depending on your workload and needs, you can share your data daily / weekly via Dropbox, Google Drive, or email.

Processing of Data

Based on your input, we will start entering data into your accounting software and ask questions as needed.

Review & Follow Up

We regularly review our activities, seek feedback, and make corrections as necessary to provide the best possible service.

Why Choose VUASP Global Solutions?


If you want to hire an experienced in-house accountant, it costs up to 60% compared to our service, which has a pool of resources under one roof.

Maximize Automation

Minimize the risk of human error by implementing all add-on tools that help maximize automation and increase the efficiency of bookkeeping and bookkeeping processes.

Data Confidentiality

We know that the company’s financial information is of the utmost value, so we guarantee that all data exchanged between you and us will be confidential.

Qualified Team of Accountants

Our team consists of certified accountants, certified accountants, or post-graduates of finance and has at least 3 years of professional experience.

Wide Experience

With over 10 years of experience in financial and accounting services, our team has excellent knowledge and implements the best accounting processes using the latest automation tools widely used in the industry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve been working with an Australian based company for a while and we have a lot of happy customers and we continue to work with them.

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